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We are building the single destination for prefab design, planning and procurement

What We Do

Prefabrication and modular construction have the potential to change the entire construction industry for the better. If we use it well, this approach will allow us to build faster, cheaper and greener. At Modulize we want to be the Operating System for the entire prefabrication value chain, removing bottlenecks, information breakdowns and many of the other challenges that are holding back the industry today. We do this by building THE single collaborative software solution for prefab design, planning and procurement, getting all stakeholders on the same page, at all times!

Simplified design

As a manufacturer, apply Modulize algorithms to break down building models into designs that suit your production line. As an architect, identify the best possible use of elements in real-time, based on actual manufacturer capabilities and capacities.

Planning insights

Simplify cost estimation, Life Cycle Assessment and optimise your project to save time, money and reduce waste along the way.

Efficient procurement

Simplified and more consistent tendering and bidding mean that you find the right partner, and you do it fast! Modulize lets you find contractor-manufacturer fit for each and every project.

How It Works

For Manufacturers

Streamline element design processes by automating information extraction from building models and possible breakdowns of a project into elements

For Contractors

Simplify your procurement process end-to-end, and get the best value from your prefab supplier

For Architects

Seamlessly integrate prefab elements into your designs. Through our generative algorithms, elements are matched directly against design parameters

For Developers

Easily validate cost estimates and maximise the benefits from adopting prefab. Make your projects faster, cheaper and greener

About us

We are Modulize, an early stage start-up based in Oslo, Norway. After meeting at the Antler startup accelerator in the summer of 2020, our founders Håkon, Olav and Lucas bonded over their passion for using technology to improve our physical surroundings. Modulize was born out of a search for ways to reduce waste in construction, an industry that produces nearly 40% of all waste globally. Because prefabrication and modular construction promises not only reduced waste, but also cheaper and faster construction, this is what we aim for with Modulize. To build software that finally unlocks the true potential of prefabrication and modular construction and to build a world where construction is faster, cheaper and greener, all without sacrificing quality or character.

Founders and Management



Lucas is a business minded technology enthusiast. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College London and has worked across academia, industry and not-for-profits. Before starting Modulize he worked at a private philanthropy, working on improving uses of data and technology in international development.


Olav is our CTO (Chief Technology Officer). He has a masters in Cybernetics and Robotics from NTNU, is a full-stack developer, and has built several products from inception to production. He has experience from working as an IT consultant in Capra Consulting, where he worked on projects for Ambita and Gjensidige. He is experienced in complex data extraction, product design and product development.


Håkon is our CCO (Chief Commercial Officer). He has a business degree from NHH and has co-founded several technology companies already, amongst others two proptech startups, namely Vary AS and Shineup AS. His skill-set is particularly around product development and sales in business-to-business SaaS companies with expensive enterprise software solutions for professional customers.

Board of Advisors



Trond is Norway’s most active angel investor. After nearly 30 years at McKinsey, where he spent much of his time working with automotive and consumer goods clients, he has started multiple companies himself, while investing in more than 80 companies over the past 5 years.


Janne is a globalised construction and technology optimist. She is working to change the building and construction industry for the better; through collaboration, knowledge, excellent software, industrialization, standardization and business development. Most recently, she has been following this passion by starting her own company, Consigli.


Morten is one of the leading figures in construction in Norway. He was the CEO of AF Gruppen – one of the largest general contractors in the Nordics – from 2015-2020. After handing over the reins as CEO of AF Gruppen in August, he has now set out to build his own venture in the Hamar region.


Jøns is an industry veteran and a strong advocate for data driven approaches and standardisation in the industry. As the CEO of the Construction Products Norway, Jøns represents a vast variety of Norwegian manufacturers. He is also the chairperson of recent initiatives to develop novel ISO standards for the construction industry.


Kristian is head of Antler Oslo and part of the Antler global team. Antler is a global early-stage VC that is building the next big wave of tech. With the mission to turn exceptional individuals into great founders, Antler aims to create hundreds of companies globally over the next five years.

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